Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu Season 2 Episode 20

After an eventful winter break, Kyoutarou Ichikawa and Anna Yamada reunite with a stronger bond. They continue to grow in their own ways, with Yamada taking on more challenging photoshoots and Ichikawa maturing both physically and emotionally as he tackles his affections for Yamada. However, spending time together outside of school allows for their relationship to deepen, and it becomes increasingly difficult to deny their budding romantic feelings.

Grappling with these unexpected and new emotions, Ichikawa and Yamada realize that, with the passage of time, their relationship is bound to change and they must ultimately decide whether they wish to remain close friends or finally become a couple.

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Atarayo – Boku wa…
Kohana Lam – Koishiteru Jibun Sura Aiserunda

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