Hoshikuzu Telepath

Since childhood, 15-year-old Umika Konohoshi has been fascinated by aliens, hoping to one day voyage to outer space and befriend them. Unfortunately, this fixation has caused her peers to label her as odd, intensifying her struggle with severe social anxiety. Nevertheless, Umika’s passion for the extraterrestrial persists, and she deeply believes that her true purpose is outside the confines of Earth.

On her first day of high school, Umika’s wish of meeting an alien seems to have finally come true when she encounters Yuu Akeuchi a classmate who claims to have crash-landed on Earth with no recollections of her past. Umika tries to seize this opportunity to make friends with Yuu, but her lack of confidence hinders her. Sensing Umika’s distress, Yuu suddenly uses a strange power to delve deep into her mind, thus sparking a friendship that may just help Umika reach her dreams.

Type : mkv
Audio : Japanese
Subs : English
Size : 150 MB
Encoder : worster-man

Miku Ito – Ten to Sen
Opening 01 : MU | MC
SoundOrion – Tentaizu
Ending 01 : MU | MC
Seria Fukagawa – spektro
Insert Song 09 : MU | MC

BD Version
Episode 01 – 12 : MU | MC