Free! Movie 5: The Final Stroke – Kouhen

After his first appearance on the competitive world stage, Haruka is held captive by the swimming of the unmistakable champion, Albert, and feels like he’s lost his way. With the current state of things, his swimming and what the water means to him are called into question. Haruka begins to sink to the bottom of the murky water as he struggles on his own.

Pushed on by a restless urge in his heart, Haruka purposefully puts himself through a rigorous and intensive training regiment, relentlessly devoting himself to practice. In his heart, Haruka knows that he’s pushing himself beyond his limits both physically and mentally. His friends can do nothing but watch over and have faith in him.

Memories of Albert’s cold, dry swimming keep replaying in his mind.
I have to get faster, I have to become stronger.
I have to compete against Albert again.

Haruka unleashes his stroke to cut through the heavy, indifferent water.
His friends draw closer to watch.

What scenery will Haruka see at the end of this struggle*──!

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Audio : Japanese
Subs : English
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OLDCODEX – This Fading Blue
Ending 01 : MU | MC

BD Version
Movie 5 : MU | MC

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