Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! Precious Friends

Hana, Hinata, Noa, Koyori, and Kanon are always good friends. Today, they are having a friendly sweets party at home with Miyako’s homemade sweets! The flower-shaped cookies look just like the hair ornaments worn by Hana. The hair ornament was a precious treasure that Hana received from her grandmother when she was little, and everyone was intrigued by the story. And as “practice for the school trip,” they decide to go visit Hana’s grandmother’s house…! The “first” outing for everyone is about to begin.

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Wataten☆5 – Precious Friends!
Wataten☆5 – Zutto…Zutto…
Wataten☆5 – Taisetsu na Kimochi

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