Ojamajo Doremi: Honobono Gekijou

This series features an original character, Ayumi, who appears in each episode, who will share deep interactions with Doremi and her friends, leading to heartwarming moments that are a familiar theme in the Ojamajo Doremi series.

Ojamajo Doremi: Heartwarming Theater is a five episode Flash animation spin-off series produced for the Ojamajo Doremi 20th Anniversary Thanks Festival crowdfunding campaign in 2020. The story is based off Ojamajo Doremi Story Picture Book: The Best Present. This mini-series was exclusively released to Camp-fire crowdfunding backers on Blu-ray, distributed early March 2021.

Ojamajo Doremi: Honobono Gekijou

Type : mkv
Audio : Japanese
Subs : English
Size : 30 MB
Encoder : worster-man

OVA 1 – 4 : MU | MC
OVA 5 : fansub dead