Kuroko no Basket Movie 2: Winter Cup – Namida no Saki e

Seirin High School’s quarterfinal opponent in the Winter Cup is the highly defensive Yousen High School. Much of their “Shield of Aegis” defense is thanks to Atsushi Murasakibara, one of Tetsuya Kuroko’s former “Generation of Miracles” teammates, and Tatsuya Himuro, a skilled player who has a history with Taiga Kagami.

Unable to settle their previous score, Kagami and Himuro resolve to use this high-stakes match to determine the superior player. At the same time, Kuroko’s past gripes with his former teammate make the atmosphere on the court even more intense.

If they manage to make it past Yousen, Seirin’s old rivals at Kaijou High await them in the semifinals, including another of Kuroko’s former teammates, Ryouta Kise. Figuring out how to dismantle Kise’s “Perfect Copy” will be the key to Seirin’s victory, but this may be a tall order when they realize that Kaijou’s star has learned to copy the other Miracles’ playstyles.

Kuroko no Basket Movie 2: Winter Cup Soushuuhen - Namida no Saki e

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