Arknights: Touin Kiro

Rebel organization Reunion has reduced the city of Chernobog to ashes and despair. That is only the beginning of its uprising against the nations prejudiced toward those infected with the highly contagious and deadly disease Oripathy. Now, the rebels have set their sights on Lungmen a prosperous city infamous for its inhumane treatment of the sick. After witnessing Reunion destroy her homeland, Chief Ch’en of the Lungmen Guard Department’s Special Inspection Unit leads her squad to defend her city.

Meanwhile, Amiya, the Doctor, and the rest of the advanced pharmaceutical company Rhodes Island continue to oppose Reunion on all fronts. However, they soon find themselves in a deadlock against a powerful enemy: FrostNova, a Reunion commander whose fearsome wintry powers cause anyone unfortunate enough to stand in her way to slowly perish in frost.

Type : mkv
Audio : Japanese
Subs : English
Size : 110 MB
Encoder : worster-man

Opening 01 : MU | MC
ReoNa – R.I.P
Ending 01 : MU | MC
Ayahi Takagaki – Fleeting Wish
InsertSong 16 : MU | MC

BD Version
Episode 1 – 8 : MU | MC