4 websites with small anime file sizes

One of the best sites for downloading anime especially in mini HD format. They host mini HD (Small size, High quality) episodes of all animes from different encoders. Downloading anime from www.anime7.download as animes from this site takes less space in my hard disk and they also in high quality so you can enjoy the full fun of an HD print.

A cool website with neat design and search bar for help you in finding animes. Most of the download links are Mediafire or Grive links. File size varies according to the size of the video window, 720p is around 130MB.

4 websites list for download anime small encoded:

Downloading animes for free. They have most of the animes and you can download every single episode of any anime you like, old or new. Update is fast download process yet good video quality. Free download high quality yet small size anime encodes in mkv format. No registration required.

Sharing Anime Mini HD and HD – Free Anime Download – Direct Download Anime Episodes. Small Encoded Anime, OVA, Special, and Movies. Try here almost all anime under 130MB with format 720p.